Romantic Artist Series II: Ryeh and Yoshi’s Central Park Date


Once Ryeh got home she told Takashi that Yoshi’s painting turned out awesome and that she had decided to pose for Yoshi again. Ryeh said, “Sooo Yoshi asked me if I could pose for him again tomorrow. Is that okay with you?” Takashi replied with a terse, “No! You cannot! He tried to kiss you didn’t he?” She said, “No, of course not! How dare you! I’m going to pose for him! You don’t get to make decisions for me!” He then replied, “Then why did you ask me?” She said, “I was just being polite.” He replied, “You can do whatever you want.”

Ryeh went to pose for Yoshi the next day. Once she arrived she saw that he had already set up the living room. He draped it. Placed some flowers and it looked beautiful. He then told her, “This time I am not going to paint you. I just want you to pose for me in this dress I picked out.” It was Kiko’s. “I am just going to take pictures of you so I can use them as a reference. Is that cool with you?” Ryeh replied, “Yes, of course.” He said, “Awesome, then after… since we have some time to kill do you want to go for a walk in Central Park?” She replied, “I’d love that.”

Yoshi took the photos for his painting. They came out great. Then they took a taxi to Central Park. They walked around. They chatted. Then he asked her, “Would it be okay to visit you in Rochester?” She replied, “Yes, of course, but you’ll have to sleep in the living room because Takashi would definitely not be happy if he found out you stayed at my place. Make sure you don’t tell Takashi.” He said, “Sure. It’s our secret. My lips are sealed.”

“I feel funny having you over in Rochester so soon. I barely even know you,” Ryeh said. Yoshi replied, “I know, but I really like you and I feel like I’ve known you for ages.” She said, “Oh yes, what do you know about me?” He replied, “Well for starters I know you like the cologne Fierce by Abercrombie.” Startled, Ryeh said with a huge smile, “How did you know?” The laughing, Yoshi said, “I didn’t know. Most girls like the cologne , Fierce.”

Ryeh held out her wrist and asked Yoshi, “Smell this. What perfume do you think it is?” He said, “Gucci Rush.” Now, even more, puzzled Ryeh said, “Hey! How did you know! How did you guess my perfume?” Highly amused, he chided, “Kiko used to wear Gucci Rush.” Ryeh said, “Oh cool.”

After a few hours of walking around in the park, Ryeh went home to a very jealous Takashi. They got into a fight. The first thing Takashi said was, “How come you’re coming home so late? You were walking around Central Park with Yoshi weren’t you?” Ryeh just rolled her eyes. He said taunting her, “He likes you lots doesn’t he? That’s why he keeps asking you to hang out with him. Well for your information Ryeh, Yoshi is sick in the head. He can’t let go of Kiko and the only reason he likes you is because you remind him of Kiko. He doesn’t really like you for who you are. That’s why he took you to Central Park. He’s trying to relive his memories with Kiko. He’s just going to keep on doing this. Using you as his pretend Kiko and once some other girl comes along that reminds him more of Kiko than you then he will drop you like a sack of potatoes.” Ryeh’s temper boiling shouted, “I don’t need this! I am going home to Rochester! I am packing my stuff and getting out of here! You’re such a big baby! I hate you!” Kiko then booked a flight and then the next day she flew back to Rochester.

After two weeks of planning, Yoshi and Ryeh set a date for him to come to Rochester. Yoshi’s flight arrived at 11 pm on a Saturday. Ryeh drove to the airport to pick him up. She saw him from afar carrying his suitcase. He walked up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss and said, “How are you doing babe?” She replied, “I’m fine. How was your flight?” He said, “Good. Good. I got you chocolates at the airport.” Then he handed her some Godiva chocolates.

They walked to her car in the airport parking lot and they both decided they should stop at the grocery store so they could get ingredients for dinner and Yoshi also wanted to buy her some roses. She decided she would be cooking spaghetti so she got ingredients for spaghetti and Yoshi bought her beautiful red roses. Both of them had not eaten dinner so they were starving. Ryeh cooked spaghetti. They ate their dinner, drank some wine and chatted. He said, “I missed you.” Then gave her a kiss. She replied, “I missed you too.” He then pulled away and said, “I heard someone knocking.” Ryeh did not hear a knock so she replied, “I didn’t hear anything.”

Then Ryeh heard the knocking. It was a loud, angry, pounding knock. She looked through the peeping hole of the door and saw Takashi. She whispered to Yoshi, “It’s Takashi. I don’t know what he’s doing here. Go hide in the bedroom.” Yoshi grabbed his suitcase and hid in the bedroom. She opened the door. Takashi walked in and yelled, “Where’s Yoshi? I know he’s here!” She replied in tears, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Yoshi is not here! He’s probably in Tokyo!”

Takashi screamed at her, “No he’s not! My friend from Tokyo told me he was not in Tokyo and that he was in Rochester apparently visiting you. Is he in your bedroom?” She replied, “No he’s not. Why would he be visiting me?” Takashi walked into her bedroom. He saw no one there. He then opened her closet and still no one was there. He ransacked her closet, throwing her things all over the place and still there was no Yoshi to be found. He then ran to the bathroom, opened the door and nope, no Yoshi there. Ryeh then screamed, “Get out of here Takashi! You are crazy!”

Then there was a loud knock at the door. “Who is it?” Ryeh yelled. Someone said, “It’s your neighbor. Are you okay? I heard screaming?” Ryeh said, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Takashi startled said, “Okay fine! Maybe Yoshi is not here, but I know he’s coming to visit you soon.” Ryeh shoved Takashi out of the door and screamed, “Stay away from my apartment and don’t call me ever again! We are officially broken up! We are not even friends anymore! You are crazy! I can’t deal with you!”

Takashi ran out of her apartment building. Ryeh went back into her apartment and looked all over her apartment and could not find Yoshi or his suitcase. Then after about a half hour, there was a knock on the door. It was Yoshi with his suitcase. Ryeh elated said, “Oh my God where did you go?” Yoshi replied, “I climbed out of the window with my suitcase. I landed on your downstairs neighbor’s balcony and I took the fire escape down.” Ryeh surprised said, “With your suitcase? What! Are you crazy? You could have gotten hurt.” He replied, “I had no other choice. I was not going to let Takashi see me. I am scared of him. He has quite the temper.” She replied, “Well I’m glad you’re okay.”


Romantic Artist Series I: Ryeh Meets Yoshi

Ryeh was asleep in Kiko’s bed when Takashi, her boyfriend whom she had met at Rochester Institute of Technology woke her up. Her eyes were still closed when she heard, “Ryeh! Ryeh! Are you okay?” She opened her eyes and replied, “Yeah Takashi, I’m fine.” He said, “Oh good. I was really worried about you. You were puking all night at the club.” She replied, “Yeah, I know. I remember.”

Takashi said, “Ryeh, sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have gotten you all of those martinis to drink.” She replied, “It’s okay. I asked for the martinis remember.” He said, “But I said I would only drink if you were going to drink so technically I peer pressured you into it.” Ugh, Takashi could be so annoying sometimes Ryeh thought. She replied, “Look Takashi, stop apologizing. It was my choice to drink all of those martinis. It’s over now. We’ve learned our lesson. We won’t drink too much again.”

Takashi then hugged her and said, “I know I said I loved you last night, but I was drunk and I think you might have thought I didn’t mean it, but today I’m not drunk and I still love you. I just wanted to let you know.” She then remembered Takashi saying I love you last night. It was the first time he had said it to her. She replied, “I remember you saying that. I said I loved you back and I meant it then and I still love you today. Sorry for puking all over you.” “That’s fine,” he said.

She was still somewhat drunk, but nevertheless, she got out of bed with Takashi’s help. They both went to the kitchen and Takashi made them breakfast. Takashi didn’t know how to cook so he prepared cereal for them. He got out two bowls and poured in Special K cereal and some milk and voila breakfast for the two of them. While eating Takashi’s phone rung. He answered it, chatted to whomever it was on the other end for what felt like forever to Ryeh. After Takashi got off the phone he explained to her that his best friend growing up, Yoshi from Fort Lauderdale just called. It turned out Yoshi was staying at a friend’s apartment for the summer in the Upper Eastside. Yoshi’s friend was out of town so Yoshi was apartment sitting and wanted them over to have lunch with him.

So they took a taxi to the Upper Eastside to a high rise apartment building. It was a really fancy apartment building. There was a concierge on the first floor who asked them to verify who they were. They told him they were Yoshi’s friend and they were going to the 7th-floor apartment 73209. The concierge staff called Yoshi and told him there was a Ryeh and a Takashi to see him and asked if that was correct. Yoshi must have told him yes so the concierge led them to the elevator and pressed the 7th-floor button. They got out of the elevator onto a nice, plush, maroon carpet and headed to apartment number 737. They knocked three times on the door and Yoshi opened the door.

Goodness gracious Yoshi was the most handsome boy Ryeh had ever seen. He had light brown eyes, dark hair, and was muscular. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts covered in acrylic paint. It turned out he was an artist just like Takashi and Ryeh. Takashi hugged Yoshi and said, “Hey Yoshi! Long time no see. This is my girlfriend Ryeh.” Yoshi reached out his hand for her to shake and said, “Hi, nice to meet you, Ryeh.” She replied, “Likewise.” Yoshi eager to have lunch said, “Cool. You guys want to come sit out on the balcony with me and have lunch?” Both Takashi and Ryeh replied in tandem, “Sure.” Yoshi replied, “Uh oh you two must be double trouble. You must hang out all of the time to be replying at the same time.” Again, Takashi and Ryeh spoke at the same time, “We do.”

So they went out to the balcony and had lunch. Yoshi had prepared turkey sandwiches with Caesar salad for them. It was delicious. Ryeh had a marvelous time getting to know Yoshi. He was a lot of fun to be around. Very carefree. He gave off a surfer vibe. It turned out Takashi and Yoshi were very close and had known each other since they were in kindergarten because Yoshi used to also live in Soho where Takashi’s family still lives. The two of them went to the same school up until high school when Yoshi and his family moved to Tokyo. Both Takashi’s family and Yoshi’s family were of Japanese descent. Both Takashi’s and Yoshi’s parents immigrated to America before Takashi and Yoshi were born so neither had ever been to Japan, but both spoke Japanese fluently.

Once they finished lunch they chatted some more and watched a movie on Netflix and drank some wine. After a few glasses, they all got tipsy and Yoshi started flirting with Ryeh. He told her, “You have very beautiful eyes. They are a beautiful fiery brown. I love them.” She replied shyly, “Thanks.” She wasn’t sure what Takashi thought of all of this, but why not accept Yoshi’s compliment graciously. He was just making a comment about her eyes. Everyone notices her eyes and compliments her. Then Yoshi adds, “And I love your lips.” Then oh my word, Yoshi touched her chin, tilted it up and touched her lips so she looked at Takashi to see what his reaction was and he just laughed. So, of course, Yoshi thinks it’s okay to flirt with her because Takashi is so amused that he continues by telling her, “Get up. I want to see your figure. Turn slowly.” And then she thought oh my God, what is going on? She didn’t know what to do. She looked at Takashi with a look like what on earth is going on, but Takashi just smiled and said, “Get up and show him your figure.”

She got up and stood in front of Yoshi who was laughing. Then he touched her hips and turned her around slowly. Then he said, “You’re perfect. Will you pose for me? I want to paint you.” She replied, “Sure if it’s okay with Takashi.” Takashi laughed some more and said, “Yes, of course, that’s fine.” Yoshi then looked at his schedule and said to her, “Great I’m free Saturday afternoon. Can you come by then? Come by yourself and wear a dress?” She replied, “Sure, I would be honored.”

Once Takashi and Ryeh left Yoshi’s Ryeh punched Takashi on the arm. He said, “Ouch. What was that for?” She replied, “You don’t care if he flirts with me like that?” He said, “Look, Yoshi and I have been friends forever. I trust the both of you. Plus he’s a really great painter and you’ll make an awesome model for him.” She replied, “Fine as long as you’re okay with it”

On Saturday afternoon she went to the apartment on the Upper Eastside where Yoshi was currently residing. She knocked on the door and Yoshi answered the door in clothes covered with paint. Ryeh said, “Hey Yoshi, long time no see.” He replied, “No kidding, it’s been days since we’ve seen each other. I miss you already.” She giggled thinking here we go the flirting has started already.

She didn’t have a dress so she borrowed one of Takashi’s sister, Kiko’s dresses. Kiko had died suddenly in her sleep a few years ago, but Takashi’s family had kept Kiko’s room just the way she had left it. All of her clothes were still in her closet and Takashi helped Ryeh pick out the dress she was wearing. It was a long red, rosy dress with a low neckline. It was beautiful.

Worried that her dress wasn’t what Yoshi wanted for his painting she asked Yoshi, “Is this dress alright?” He replied with a sly grin, “Yes, I love your dress. You look stunning in it. Is that Kiko’s dress?” Surprised by the fact that he knew it was Kiko’s she said, “Yeah, it is. How did you know?” With a look of despair, he replied, “We dated a little bit before she died. She wore that exact same dress when she and I went to a formal dinner once at the Japanese Tea Room.”

I didn’t know exactly what to say so I just said, “Oh that’s cool. So you guys were close?” He replied, “Yes, we were. We grew up together. We were close friends before we started dating. I used to always visit Takashi at his apartment in Soho and Kiko was always there. Kiko was only two years younger than Takashi and I so we used to let her play with us when we were little and then as we grew older she used to go to parties with us.” She said, “I see so you must really miss her.” He replied, “Yeah, when she died I had a hard time getting over it, but I am getting there.”

Yoshi then led her into the room where his easel, canvas, paints, and paint brushes were. It was the apartment’s library and he had transformed it into his studio. He had arranged a place for her to sit and had set up the room with a white sheet draping the background, a potted plant was situated in the back, and there were white roses next to the stool where she was going to sit. Yoshi draped the stool with white sheets and asked her to sit. Then he put his hand on her chin and turned her head, moved her hair to the side, and pulled down the strap of her dress so her shoulders were exposed. He then caressed her neck. She didn’t know how to react. His touch made her quiver and she wanted to take his hand and kiss it, but she decided to just ignore him.

He then started to paint with hurried strokes at first covering the background in mauve and white and then later more detailed slower strokes when he started to form her figure. For a moment all that could be heard in the room was his brush making beautiful marks on the canvas because both of them were silent. Yoshi was concentrating on the painting and she was daydreaming of someday perhaps having Yoshi visit her in Rochester where she lived. She knew they had just met, but there was something about him. They just instantly clicked. She had a feeling they would become best friends.

After his painting was almost finished Yoshi started asking her questions about her and Takashi’s relationship. He said, “How did you meet Takashi?” I replied, “At Rochester Institute of Technology. We are both Fine Art undergrads and we were in the same drawing class. The teacher had taken us outside to draw the koi pond by the art building and Takashi was hung over that day after a long night of drinking so he laid down on one of the benches and fell asleep. I woke him up and told him the teacher was staring at him. After class ended he thanked me for waking him up and he gave me his number. I called him and we went to dinner. We’ve been dating ever since.” He said, “Is he technically your boyfriend?” I replied, “You could say that. We were just friends, but we’ve gotten very close lately.”

After interrogating her about Takashi, Yoshi came up to her and moved some strands of her hair that had gotten out of place. Curious about what his chances were with Ryeh, he asked her, “So if I were to kiss you, you would be mad and Takashi might be upset with me?” Unsure of what to tell him, she just said, “Yeah, us kissing would be a bad idea. Yes, I would get mad and Takashi might be a little jealous.” Yoshi was very handsome and it was tempting to just reach over and kiss him, but Ryeh resisted. She could feel the friction in the air between them. She could sense this was not going to go well at all. Yoshi stopped painting and waited for her to change her mind about kissing him. When Ryeh didn’t change her mind, he just got up and walked over towards her, bent down and kissed her cheek. She ignored him and said, “What are we in middle school?”

With a tinge of despair in his voice, he said, “You know you remind me of Kiko.” She replied, cautiously making sure not to upset him. “Yeah, I hear that a lot. Takashi often tells me I look like her and that I act just like her. We apparently both have the same dark hair and light brown eyes and tempestuouss temper.” He said, “Yeah you’re a lot like how she used to be. I miss her a lot and having you here makes me feel like she’s here with me.” She replied, “That’s cool. She seems like she was a nice girl. I’m flattered that I remind you of her.” Yoshi then started to talk about his memories with Kiko and he told Ryeh childhood anecdotes of him and Takashi. Both Takashi’s and Yoshi’s parents were often busy so the two got into some mischief in Central Park.

A few hours had passed and Yoshi finally finished his painting. Ryeh got up to take a look at it. It was a masterpiece. Takashi was right Yoshi was an awesome painter and she was glad she had posed for him. The painting turned out beautifully. Yoshi was a gifted artist. Yoshi then said nervously, “Umm… can I paint you again?” Excited about getting a chance to hang out with Yoshi alone again she replied, “Sure, I would love that.” He then said, “Awesome can you come back tomorrow afternoon?” She replied, “Yeah, that would be cool.”

After Yoshi finished his painting she didn’t know if she should hang out for a bit or go home. She did love his company so she decided to stay for a bit. Unsure of what to do, she paced around the room nervously. She walked over to his easel and she noticed his guitar. She picked it up and strummed the strings and asked him, “Do you play the guitar?” He replied, “Yeah I do. Do you want me to play something for you?” She sat back down on the stool and said, “Yes, I would love that.” He then grabbed another stool and sat next to her and played the song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. He sang the song as he played the tune. What a beautiful voice he had. She was impressed.

Afterward, he said with a naughty grin, “Now that I’ve played the song can I kiss you?” She replied, “No, Takashi will seriously be mad at the both of us if he ever finds out.” But Yoshi kissed her anyway on her lips, a deep, long sensuous kiss. She felt really guilty, but the kiss was so soft and tender and he was so handsome so she kissed him back. After they kissed she got up in a hurry. She became nervous about the situation and I didn’t want it to get out of control so she told him, “I have to go home. Takashi is waiting for me.” He replied with a disappointed tone, “That’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”


About Guide to ASEAN Plus and Coconut Cartel By Therese

In 2014-2015, I had a page called Guide to ASEAN+. It was a page on Facebook that I created and posted photos of Southeast Asia in. I have never been to any Southeast Asian country except the Philippines so I posted some of my pics of the Philippines and the rest of the photos I gathered online. I started a new Guide to ASEAN Plus. You can learn more in the video below. I also started a page called Coconut Cartel By Therese.

I loved you first: but afterwards your love


By Christina Rossetti


I loved you first: but afterwards your love
Outsoaring mine, sang such a loftier song
As drowned the friendly cooings of my dove.
Which owes the other most? my love was long,
And yours one moment seemed to wax more strong;
I loved and guessed at you, you construed me
And loved me for what might or might not be –
Nay, weights and measures do us both a wrong.
For verily love knows not ‘mine’ or ‘thine;’
With separate ‘I’ and ‘thou’ free love has done,
For one is both and both are one in love:
Rich love knows nought of ‘thine that is not mine;’
Both have the strength and both the length thereof,
Both of us, of the love which makes us one.

She Walks in Beauty

By Lord Byron (George Gordon)
She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.
And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!